A very large portion of the New Deal program is devoted to education, said Przemislav Kosarnik, Minister of Education and Science. – Education, science and higher education are the areas in which we will have a lot of news – he added. He indicated that the details will be announced by the Prime Minister and Chairman of the Law and Justice Party.

The head of the MEiN was asked in the first program of the Polish Radio whether the post-crisis reconstruction program – the New Deal would be part of education and science, and if so, what.

“A very large portion is devoted to education, new solutions in education in the coming years, new investments in education, but (…) let’s wait for the prime minister along with the president and senior politicians in the Law and Justice Party to officially announce when this announcement is made. The facts are here, but I assure you that education, science and higher education are the areas in which we will really have a lot of news. Very good news that we will be happy about, ”- answered Czarnek.

In February, the Law and Justice Party leadership approved the New Deal program. As announced by Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki, the program includes primarily investment plans, but it also includes proposals for many areas of social and economic life in the post-pandemic period. The prime minister said in the second half of January that the government will propose a full range of infrastructure projects and innovative projects as part of the program.

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The Polish New Deal was due to be unveiled last Saturday, but due to the increasing number of infections during the third wave of Coronavirus, this presentation has changed. The Prime Minister, Matthews Murawiecki, has not officially announced the Law and Justice Party when the program will be introduced yet.

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