The words carried by the Catholic radio station “Cop”, today, Monday, relate to the recent proposals of an Italian newspaper, There was allegedly a ‘pre-conclave’ atmosphere in the Vatican due to alleged plans by the 84-year-old Pope to resign.. The reason would be the deterioration of his health. In early July, Francesc underwent surgery to remove part of his colon at the Gemelli Clinic in Rome.

During his last public appearance, the Holy Father appeared to be regaining shape, but during the weekend audience, he began his speech by apologizing for staying seated while reading the speech, arguing that he was still recovering from surgery.

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The rumors were also fueled by Francesc’s words from an interview with Argentine journalist Nelson Castro. In an interview, he did not rule out retirement, as Benedict XVI did. He also indicated that he would not return to his country.

When asked in an interview with Radio Cope how he felt about two months after the operation, he joked, “I’m still alive,” and then said that “the nurse saved his life,” which happened a second time. Earlier, the Pope revealed that it happened in his youth when he was suffering from serious pneumonia. Then the nurse changed his treatment and opposed the doctors.

The full 90-minute interview will be broadcast on Wednesday. Radio Cobb belongs to the Spanish Bishops’ Conference and is the second most popular radio station in this country.

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Source: PAP, Onet

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