There are at least three upcoming collaborations that Epic Games will currently implement.

Nobody is surprised at the fact that every now and then Epic collaborates with games, movies, series, or other artists and innovators. It seems that through the “hints” in the game you can learn about the next three forms of cooperation.

Of course, at the moment this is standard information that should not be met. However, the saga rarely adds these Easter eggs, which then translate to nothing.

3 upcoming collaborations

The first is Rambo. Pointing to the loading screen is a very straightforward guide, according to players.

The second potential collaboration is a return to the past. A movie many years ago that actually had some sort of collaboration with Rocket League. DeLorean appeared there. Epic is the owner of Rocket League, so it’s very likely a collaboration with the movie.

There are several references to the movie in the game itself. Some are clearer, and others are just guesswork.

However, there is no doubt that something will happen on this topic. The saga went too far to add all the Easter eggs.

Perhaps the third collaboration stirs up the greatest passions, at least in the world. Zelda is popular in Poland, but not like in other countries. Basically because it’s a production dedicated to the Nintendo Switch.

How do you know about Fortnite x Zelda? Just look at the graphics above, there are many things right here, and some of the elements seem to have been taken directly from the world of The Legend of Zeld: Breath of the Wild. Not enough Gabi “Wild” is the main theme of this season in Fortnite.

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