Another surge in the coronavirus threatens to cause shutdowns and further disruptions to the global economy. It is also a problem for people because it attacks vaccination as well. Rapid and comprehensive testing for a new Covid-19 mutation could be a lifesaver.

According to the researchers, we will have to deal with the requirements for Covid-19 testing in the workplace. Subsequent surges of the virus will force employers to frequently test employees to maintain production continuity or full employment in offices and retail chains.

So far, the problem has been that the tests were either fast or accurate. British biosecurity startup Vatic has developed a “KnowNow” Covid-19 test, which it says is accurate and fast. All you need is a mouth swab and the result appears in a special app that even generates a QR code that works like a so-called Covid passport and allows access to places designated for vaccinated people.

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Vatic has already raised $6.37 million to develop and test private home tests.

Founded in 2019, Vatic developed a home test that shows results after just 15 minutes and reliably indicates whether a person is infected or otherwise healthy. It is right to show a false positive even though the body has fought the infection. Antigen tests may show a false positive – this is the case for about 1 in 200 tests.

A reliable and rapid test is urgently needed. According to doctors, a few seconds of being with an infected person is enough to contract the delta variant.

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The KnowNow test is already in use in the UK. You can order it at home and take a throat swab yourself. The test result is available on a website that is accessible to patients and healthcare professionalsتخصص Vatic is also currently conducting clinical trials in the United States for FDA approval for emergency use.

Fatek says her test detects all of the coronavirus mutations.