The European Championship final between Italy and England deserves a great spot. So it happened. Mateusz Borek revealed the composition of this encounter on the BBC on social media. It’s impressive.

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Matthew Borek

YouTube / Canai Sportoy / Pictured: Mateusz Borek

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Emotions about the Euro 2020 final are at their peak. Much has been said about the representation of England, Italy, and perhaps every European country. However, as you might imagine, this meeting is being discussed at the UK’s largest pump.

Mateusz Borek revealed his “Kitchen” at this year’s European Championship finals. The commentator for the Italy-England match revealed to TVP on social media how the event is being carried out by the BBC.

The composition of experts, who can be seen in the recording, makes a great impression. Among them, among others, Alan Shearer, Gary Lineker, Rio Ferdinand and Frank Lampard.

“Some players from the BBC have turned it on, but we invite you to TVP Sport. Today, in May, with Maxi Kaz, we are ending a great adventure at Euro 2020” – the recording was signed by Mateusz Borek.

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