The former British port of Ardersier, was one of the world’s largest factories for the production of oil rigs, employing approximately 4.5 thousand people. employees, to Europe’s first circular power conversion plant. Old drilling rigs will be recycled and used to produce foundations for floating offshore wind farms.

The deserted port of Ardersier is located about 26 kilometers east of Inverness, covers an area of ​​approximately 160 hectares and has access to a quay of over 1 kilometer in length, making it the largest port in the United Kingdom. Its new owners turn it into a power conversion facility. Dredging work on the driveway is about to start, will take 9 months and cost £20m.

The port is currently owned by Steve Reagan, former CEO of Careys Civil Engineering, and his business partner Tony O’Sullivan, who acquired the site earlier this year and founded the Port of Ardersier, but the deal amount was not. reveal.

The production will be powered by marine farms

Over the next five years, port owners will provide a device to stop the dredger and a device to recover wasted energy. They will also build a £300 million Green Steel plant, which will be powered by offshore wind and energy from waste. There will also be a plant to produce concrete using dredging sand and byproducts of a steel mill and a waste-to-energy plant, as well as a plant to build foundations for floating wind farms.

As investors are convinced, in this way the largest production, manufacturing and assembly plant of floating foundations for offshore wind farms in Great Britain will be built. It is estimated that the offshore wind energy sector will create 29,000 jobs by 2050. Jobs and £43.6 billion in the British economy.

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