Used Citroën Ami 6 Break from 1969 for sale for a record amount in the USA

Citroën is rare in the United States, but there are occasional tidbits in the aftermarket. The beautiful red Citroën Ami 6 Break from 1969 is looking for a new owner.

Citroen AMI 6 It is a car of very original beauty with a concave hood, rectangular headlights and slanted rear window. The designer may not appeal to everyone, but for many people, the Ami 6 is simply charming. The model’s mission was to bridge the supply gap between the 2CV and the DS. Citroën also produced the Break version. In Europe, the car is sought after by collectors, but meeting the model in the United States is close to a miracle, so the announcement of the sale of the Ami 6 Break in California is noteworthy.

See also: Citroën BX sold for record amount – # 8211; The equivalent of two hundred and twenty thousand zlotys!The copy comes from the south of France, where it was used as an occasional transport, especially for holiday trips. Ami is prone to rust, but the previous owner managed to protect the car from unfavorable conditions. As the advertisement indicates, the condition of the Citroen is very good. From France, Ami Break went to Quebec, Canada, where she renovated and painted in 2014.

The next country on my mom’s travel list is the United States. The owner had big plans for the French model but in the end they couldn’t be implemented and the car was put in the garage. Having taken care of the mechanics, the Citroën Ami 6 Break can once again enjoy driving comfort, but already the next owner. The copy you see in the photos is available for sale for $19,500 (about 80,000 PLN) in California, but it can also be delivered outside the US.

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