President Andrej Duda said Saturday in Staloa Wola that there is a need for industrial reconstruction, and the special law signed on Saturday providing for the acquisition of forest land for investment is the moment of transition from the central industrial zone to the modern economy.

On Saturday, President Duda signed a special law requiring the purchase of forest land for investment in Jaorzno, Staloa and Wola. Amending regulations to allow land conversion, among other things for energy investments.

“There have been many discussions about this law, and I have thought about it many times. Everyone who has seen the process of creating it knows that it involved many discussions and debates, because it is an important area,” the president said.

He added that these areas are currently under state control of forests. “I have always protected state-owned forests and have always believed that Polish forests should remain a social benefit and be places where their recreational and health benefits can be enjoyed” – emphasized the president.

“But there is also something called proportionality. You have to weigh the good things in every situation,” he added.

As he emphasized, he would never agree to “such general regulation – a mechanism that would allow the allocation of forest land belonging to state forests to economic zones, just like this.” “But here is a special situation,” – noted the president. “These are two cities in Poland (…) I know the problems people who live there faced, especially in the 1990s,” he said, referring to, among other things: the increase in unemployment.

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“There is a need for industrial reconstruction (…) This is the moment. This law is a transition, here in Stalowa Wola, from the Central Industrial District (…) to the modern economy” – said the president. (PAP)

Authors: Marcin Jabłoński, Wojciech Huk

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