As Marshal Piotr Całbecki announced, we are in the process of completing official work to restore the Laskowice-Czersk and Chełmża-Bydgoszcz rail links, Beata Krzemińska, spokesperson for the Marshal’s Toruń office, has informed.

According to the Field Marshal’s office, the restoration of trains on these lines is the result of the work of the task forces assigned by Marshal Piotr Kaibecki and the negotiations undertaken with the railway operator regarding the contract and preparation of the annex. Areva will handle the transportation of passengers on these lines.

From January 18, they will be transferred Monday through Friday at:

  • Chełmża – Unisław Pomorski – Bydgoszcz line 4 pairs of multiple units per day,
  • On the Laskowice Pomorskie line – Chersk 3 pairs.

– Autonomy of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, which has been a promoter of public mass transit for many years, including railways, after several months of difficult negotiations, and one of the main reasons behind this was the massive increase in the costs of transportation services provided by carriers. The kilometer train rate supplied by Polregio has nearly doubled – from PLN 13.06 (in 2020) to 23.75 PLN (in 2021) – counts by Beata Krzemińska, spokesman for the Marshal’s office in Toruń.

Let’s remember that on Wednesday (January 13th), Marshal Kaebeke was asked by ukasz Schreiber, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, and Andrzej Adamczyk, Head of the Infrastructure Ministry.

I cannot understand County Chief Piotr Kaubecki on this matter. (…) Savings are at 10 percent, population losses are at 40 percent (vehicle kilometers have been reduced by that amount – editorial note.) Schreiber said there is no economic or social logic.

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In December, it was reported that Polregio trains under a new provincial rail transport contract in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, would cover a total area of ​​2.2 million kilometers per year, 1.3 million kilometers less than in previous years. The value of the contract concluded for a period of one year is 52.2 million PLN.

Since December, Voivodeship and Polregio have been shifting responsibility for cutting off connections.

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