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Shopping with posh lady Claudia Aubert: Millionaire Chico’s lotto about his past expenses

Lotto millionaire Chico went on a shopping spree with Claudia Aubert after his huge win

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Lottery millionaire Chico is on a shopping spree with Claudia Aubert

Kursat Yildirim, named Chico, managed to become a millionaire by playing the lottery. It allows the world to share this happiness via Instagram. He shows the car he owns now, the sites he frequents and – most recently – how he goes shopping in Düsseldorf with the so-called “luxurious lady” Claudia Aubert.

Chico and Obert are photographed by “Bild” for the trip. The lottery winner explained his remaining assets of about 10 million euros at the beginning: “What’s gone is maybe 150,000 euros.” However, as the portal t-online.de calculates in this context, this could not be true at all: “It is possible that only the Ferrari 488 Pista and Porsche 911 Turbo S2 would have exceeded the €150,000 budget.” Chico snapped these two cars for photos he posted on Instagram, which show he paid for both of them with his winnings.

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Zodiac cash register: Claudia Aubert is excited about Chico

In any case, Aubert was not upset by this miscalculation and described their meeting – also via Instagram – with the words: “It’s nice to see how happy Chico is. You really treat him. I’m spending the day with the open 10 MILLION LOTTO winner! His zodiac sign is CASH.”

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Aubert started her career in fashion retail. She ran two stores and created the fashion label Lean Selling, which focuses on inexpensive clothing with a luxurious charm.

For several years, she has also toured in various television shows and publicly revealed a lot about herself. In the form of “Celebrities Under Palm Trees,” for example, Aubert once remarked that she had angered all the other participants with her alcohol consumption. (stern.de/km)

Note: This article first appeared on stern.de