The number of participants in employee capital plans (PPK) will increase, incl. It is thanks to the good results of the listed companies, says Bauwe Boris, head of the Polish Development Fund (PFR). In his opinion, more people should join the program in the next round.

“We are observing a growing trend of interest in participating in PPK. In the last two quarters, 100,000 new jobs have been added. New participants. At the moment, we have crossed the level of 3 million – under the PPK and PPE – – under the PPK and PPE – said Boris on the sidelines of the European Economic Conference in Katowice.

The CEO expects a further increase in the number of people interested in participating.

“The good performance of the listed companies contributes to the increased interest. However, I expect it will not be a sudden jump and only in 2023, when there is another round of automatic registration in the PPK, will we notice a significant increase in participation.”

He noted that the example of a similar system in the UK shows that such a trend is likely.

“As a PFR, we’re going to be doing an active drive because I think doubling your pension capital is very beneficial,” Boris said.

At the beginning of September this year. Deputy Chairman of PFR Bartosz Marczuk stated that the number of participants in the PPK exceeded 2.35 million, and the money they collected amounted to 6.3 billion PLN.

Source: ISBnews