“Only when these standards are applied equally everywhere can we develop the necessary energy,” Kurz added.

For these words, the chancellor was criticized by NEOS (Forum das New Osterich und Liberales) spokeswoman, Claudia Gamon, who said that “Kurz’s statements undermine the efforts of many member states to uphold the rule of law in the European Union, and with his remarks, the Chancellor stands by Nation-states, against whom judicial proceedings under Article 7 of the EU treaties are still pending due to their alleged disregard for the fundamental values ​​of the Union.”

SPÖ spokesman Jörg Lichtfried said: – The chancellor is on the side of the authoritarian governments of Hungary and Poland in the struggle over human rights and democracy.

Lichtfried explained that Kurz “underestimates their policies that fight freedom of the press, destroy democracy and attack LGBT rights.” – Apparently, Kurz feels influenced by criticism of Hungary and Poland and wants to protect and relativize his attacks on the judiciary, the rule of law and the Church, as well as a disregard for Parliament – added Lichtfried.

Chancellor Kurz has already several times in the past distanced himself from EU criticism of Poland and Hungary, accusing the community of applying double standards regarding the rule of law.

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