British citizens, unless they have French citizenship, They are considered third country nationals in the current situation and cannot pass through France– Eurotunnel, which operates the Canal Rail Tunnel, said Wednesday on Twitter.

Britain asks for an explanation

The British government made demands to the French government Urgent clarification of new pandemic restrictions affecting UK citizens – BBC reported.

In response, the French authorities indicated that Britons reside in other EU countries They are considered “nationals of other countries” Thus it cannot pass through France.


But they admitted that “a significant number of British nationals living in the European Union have gone to Great Britain for Christmas in good faith and are facing difficulties in returning to their country of residence”.

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return is possible

In this case, the border guards on the border with Great Britain It was recommended “to allow these people to pass through France on the return trip to their country of residence in the European Union.”– The French Ministry of the Interior informed in a statement.


A British government spokesman said that UK citizens They will be able to return home to the European Union during New Year’s Eve “without any obstacles”.