Two girls were attacked by a man on Monday morning on their way to school in Ellerkirchberg. Police confirmed that a 14-year-old died of his injuries.

A man attacked two girls on their way to the school bus in Oberkirchberg, a suburb of Illerkirchberg in the Alb-Donau region. Police said one of the girls succumbed to her injuries in the afternoon.

Raid in Ellerkirchberg: An eyewitness saw a girl lying on the ground bleeding

An eyewitness told SWR that he heard noises near a traffic light in the town south of Ulm in the morning. He looked and said, “There was the girl bleeding on the floor with a big stab wound in her stomach. The second one had a stab wound under her chest, a stab wound. It’s all resolved.”

This girl told him what happened: According to this, a man came out of a house and beat her classmate for no reason. Then the man is said to have stabbed her in the stomach. Then he ran back home. However, the police did not confirm this information.

Mayor: The community is in shock

After the robbery, the community of Illerkirchberg was horrified at what had happened. The community is in shock, according to Mayor Markus Haussler. They will stand by the affected families and now wait to see what the police investigation reveals.

Raid in Illerkirchberg: alleged perpetrator arrested

The police arrested the alleged perpetrator at home. The police also took two other residents to the police station. What their connection to the case is currently unclear. The police moved the other residents of the house to a safe place. It appears that the municipality has housed refugees in the building.

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Police were on site with a special task force and also used drones to get an overview. The operation was completed with the help of a special task force, and there was no danger to the population.

A police spokesman did not immediately comment on further details. “Now we have to define the exact background,” he said. A press release is expected Monday afternoon.

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