“Are you supposed to stop when she’s at her worst?” With these words, a Cologne pub announces that it will no longer host Fastelovend.

Little Oasis of Delight is going crazy

“Despite tremendous support from many quarters, and especially from our guests, who have heroically thrown themselves into the chaos to come to us, it is simply no longer possible for us to take you, our guests, to the pub properly and we cannot return,” he said.

The effort is huge and unsustainable – “Little Oasis of Happiness” has to remain closed due to crowds, barricades, police, regulatory office, canned beer and madness.

In the post, the corner pub describes situations where residents no longer come home, children and elderly people panic or one does not want to send their staff home out of fear. Not to mention the “naked asses and animal urination, sexual intercourse and defecation” to watch.

Bei Oma Kleinmann appeals to Cologne officials to take better control of the organization of the carnival in the future and to ensure more security. Until then, there will be no more carnival parties in the restaurant: “We managed to throw a great party on a very small scale in our pub […] But we do not participate in Ballerman! External conditions are fatal to us, so we can’t work and we can’t party either. But we do not give up hope! “

Throwing a Cologne Pub: Vibes