Status: 08/16/2022 5:22 PM

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, the number of people with dementia in Germany is constantly increasing – including among young people. The increase can be explained, among other things, by a better prognosis.

In Germany, the number of people suffering from dementia continues to rise. According to the German Alzheimer’s Association, there are much more new cases each year than there are deaths among patients already. According to new calculations, about 1.8 million people currently live with dementia in Germany. Most of them have Alzheimer’s disease.

Last year, about 440,000 people were diagnosed with dementia. In the past, an annual increase of about 300,000 new cases was expected. Depending on demographic developments, the number of people over 65 with dementia will increase to 2.4 to 2.8 million by 2050.

“The main reason why this number is significantly higher than in previous publications is that the diagnosis has improved significantly in recent years,” says René Thyrian of the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases.

Significantly more affected under 65

In addition, the number of patients under the age of 65 is much greater than previously thought, Therian explained. In Germany there are currently more than 100,000 people with dementia in this younger age group.

The head of the German Alzheimer’s Association, Monika Kose, stressed that the new figures clearly show the need to support young people with dementia. Concepts such as how to continue to function with the onset of dementia are not available, as are offers of appropriate care or care facilities for this age group.

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