Haifa port workers in Israel found a cat in a candy container that arrived from Odessa, Ukraine. The animal swam for 19 days, ate sweets and drank condensed water. The traveling cat is in quarantine.

The shipment was transported to Israel via a Ukrainian port. Dumskaya.net writes that The cat lived in the Odessa port and got into the container during loading.

The director of a shipping company in Odessa, Oleksandr Winnick, citing the Ukrainian editorial office of Radio Soboda, told reporters that The container sailed to Haifa for 19 daysI. However, he did not disclose where it was downloaded. The site says that the dessert is from Russia.

According to Winnick, The cat survived thanks to the condensation on the container wallsWhere the temperature was 18 degrees Celsius.

While traveling The animal destroyed several candy boxes, and estimated the damage at several thousand dollars – Swoboda Radio writes.

Winnick noted that for the first time in his career it was to find a live animal in a load and it was unbelievable that the cat survived.

The animal is in quarantine.

The shipping company does not plan to transport it to Ukraine or Russia.

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