Naughty Dog has already started making its first PS5 production and the studio is looking for new employees. Neil Druckmann invites you to collaborate and mentions the project in very vague words.

Naughty Dog’s latest game has won over 200 GOTY AwardsBut creative people can not count on a long rest. The PS5 needs new and powerful games, so developers have already started working on the next production.

Neil Druckmann, who recently Promoted to studio headLooking for people to work. The creator of The Last of Us confirms this I’m working on something “so cool”, Of course, he does not disclose any details at this time.

However, players quickly noticed some of the details – Naughty Dog is looking for staff for two teams (the game team / ICE team), which could indicate that the studio is not working on just one title again. Level builder is supposed to set up locations for single player position, so multiplayer still generating?

In the background we see a scene from The Last of Us 2 – Time to continue? Given Upcoming HBO seriesSony may insist that the developers tell a new story in the universe. Maybe at least occasional?