Tesco has introduced restrictions on purchasing items including toilet paper, eggs, rice, soap, and hand washing. Customers in the supermarket are now limited to one item per person of toilet paper and up to three products of eggs, rice, soap and hand lotion.

It is understood that additional limits are precautionary measures to help facilitate ordering in the coming weeks, rather than a reaction to shortages or a change in purchasing behavior. It’s on top of a three-item limit for staples like flour, dried pasta, and antibacterial wipes that have been in place for months.

On Mondays supermarkets and wholesalers He warned of a shortage of lettuce, broccoli and citrus fruits around Christmas Such as Thousands of trucks are stranded In Kent, after France closed its borders to the United Kingdom.

A Sainsbury’s spokesman said: “If nothing changes, we will start to see gaps in the coming days on lettuce, some salad leaves, cauliflower, broccoli and citrus fruits – all imported from the continent at this time of year.”

Tesco previously introduced a buy cap on toilet paper in November in anticipation of repeat buying out of panic in March, and encouraged customers to “shop as usual”, saying they had plenty of food until December 25th.

The French authorities announced this Flights from the UK will be allowed to resume on Wednesday, But those seeking to travel must present a negative Covid-19 test result.

Said Transportation Secretary Grant Shaps Stranded truck drivers will start receiving Covid tests on WednesdayBut he warned that “it will take two or three days for things to clear.”

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The travel ban was imposed in response to concerns about the more contagious type of coronavirus that is spreading in the UK. More than 2,800 heavy trucks are stuck in it Kent Tuesday afternoon the result of the outage.

Andrew Obie, director of food and sustainability at the British Retail Consortium, told the Business Selection Committee Tuesday: “If we don’t see empty trucks, which have already been delivered to warehouses and stores, and come back through the canal, you won’t be able to receive your next batch of fresh fruit, vegetables and salad. Vegetables.

“What we were told by the members is that unless these trucks are able to travel again and back to Spain, Portugal and other parts of Europe, we will have problems with fresh produce as of December 27th.”