Two exclusive Land Rover vehicles, which were stolen two months ago in Great Britain, were found by officers from the municipal police headquarters in Tarnow in the Tarnow region. The value of the vehicles is more than half a million zlotys.

Stolen Land Rover vehicles found near Tarnow

SUVs . brand land Rover Models: Discovery and Range Rover were stolen in August/September in England. The police determine how they ended up in Poland and who is behind their robbery.

– The finding of vehicles is the result of effective and joint work of policemen from Great Britain and Poland, mutual cooperation and exchange of information – Asp confirms. Work crew. Bawik Klimek, press spokesman for the municipal police command in Tarnow.

The vehicles were found in one of the estates in Tarnow Bovyat by officers of the Department for Combating Crime against the property of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Tarnów. Cars are still British Plates. Its value in Poland is estimated at 540,000 PLN.

– At the moment, we do not know if the cars will be imported to order, or if they will be transported or sold for parts. Bawik Klimek explained that this will be determined by a police investigation, which also aims to identify those responsible for the theft and the receipt of the stolen goods.

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