“Morning Consult is a global data analytics company that provides real-time insight into what people are thinking by conducting daily surveys among tens of thousands of people around the world,” the website states. Politico.

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United States of America. Americans are divided over Joe Biden’s health. 29 change points from October 2020

Politico points out that compared to probe In October 2020, a November 2021 survey found a 29-point change in Americans’ perception of the health of 79-year-old President Joe Biden. The survey shows that Americans They are very divided on this point.

50 percent of those surveyed don’t think so Biden He was “stable” when it came to health issues (44% disagree) and thought the president was not healthy (40% thought he was healthy). In addition, according to 48 percent. responders Joe Biden He is not mentally fit enough to continue to hold the position of President.

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Americans judge Joe Biden. 57 percent claim the president is no longer able to communicate clearly

The president’s work is evaluated positively by 44 percent of Americans, and bad by 53 percent.

57 proc. Americans Who thought that Joe Biden He no longer communicates clearly, which makes it difficult for him to take his position. In contrast, 60 percent. Of the respondents believe that they do not have enough energy to fill such an important position for you.

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In contrast, according to Politico, a recent Harvard survey showed that 53 percent. Of the respondents, they had no doubts about this Joe Biden He continues to perform his duties properly. The opposite opinion was expressed by 47%. responders. But when asked if Joe Biden is too old for president, 58 percent. He answered in the affirmative, and only 42 percent. He found Joe Biden fit enough for the job.

The Politico/Morning Consult poll was conducted November 13-15. 1998 included registered voters. According to Politico, the margin of error increases or decreases by 2 percentage points.