“How the hell could the prime minister come to the Queen’s weekly audience and look her in the eye?” asked Emily Thornberry of the opposition party on Sky News. a job. and demanded his resignation. “The prime minister does not have the moral capacity to lead the country,” Andrew Bridgen, a representative of the right-wing Conservative Party and a supporter of Boris Johnson, told the BBC earlier. “This is the nail in the coffin,” said Anonymous. the television ITV is an employee of the Prime Minister’s Office.

She brought music and alcohol in a suitcase, dancing and even playing on a baby swing she was on the verge of breaking down – that’s what happened the evening before the king’s wife said goodbye, according to the Daily Telegraph. Meanwhile, London was closed at the time. Internal meetings are not permitted. The party itself was limited by pandemic rules, and not even part of the family arrived. At that time, the famous photo was taken, in which the nailed king sits completely alone in the church bench.

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Johnson was having fun. He might lose his power

The Prime Minister’s Office apologized to Buckingham Palace. This was confirmed by a Downing Street spokesperson, adding that the events of that night were “extremely unfortunate”. He did not answer a question about whether the prime minister would personally apologize to the queen in the upcoming weekly interview.

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James was also present at the events slackThen Head of Communications in the Cabinet Office. Today, he is a senior journalist for the right-wing tabloid The Sun. He apologized, adding that he had no justification for himself.

But the head of the State Department, Liz Truss, is calling for the pedigree to be maintained. He argues that when evaluating the prime minister, one must look at the whole. “In terms of the fact that it led to Brexit, we are recovering from the pandemic, and that our economy is among the fastest growing in the G7. a program Vaccination with a booster dose. The politician said the Prime Minister apologized, I think we have to go further.

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For now, everything is kept a secret

Conservative MPs may fire their president. Fifty-four motions are needed to start voting on this issue. They come in the form of letters. We don’t know how many there are yet, because they are tucked away in secret. Andrew Bridgen confirmed that he had indeed submitted his application.

According to the media, the Prime Minister was not present at the events of the night of April 16 and 17, but he was supposed to appear in two previous events. Critics accused him of turning a blind eye and creating a culture in which the laws of Downing Street would end.

Johnson Jack Trump?

Acceptance of the closure is being investigated internally by Chief Civil Service Officer Sue Gray. “Let’s wait for the result,” we plead with the prime minister and his supporters. According to unofficial information, it may take a week or two.

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The fading star of Boris Johnson may remind – with some parallels – the defeat of Donald Trump, who eventually lost power and did not win a second term in the White House. Will Johnson, equally skeptical of the EU, lose this time to his political base?

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