The current condition of the motorway in Oxford is really good. In June, Kevin Boothby acquired a 10-year rental facility in Sandy Lane, and later persuaded Jamie Courtney — son of Mark Courtney, famous in Poland, former sprinter and now players’ assistant — to take command and become a promoter for the Cheetah team.

Kourtney himself, or the Kourtney brothers actually, are no novices in the field. They had previously taken over the club from Berwick and had successfully expanded the North England center. Now they will also have an Oxford in their wallet, which Jaime used to compete for.

The former player does not hide his joy at the return of the center from Oxfordshire. – I think this is a big deal for the UK motorway, it excites me so much. Jaime Courtney told Britain’s Speedway Star: ‘We need positive news and a great return to Sandy Lane.

Although England is a very different world from Poland, the history of the Oxford Cheetahs shows a parallel with the fate of PSŻ Poznań. The Wielkopolska team is back in the competition thanks to funds from the civil budget decided upon by the townspeople. The promoter of the returning team for the tournament also emphasizes the participation of the local community in the entire project. “From day one, I assure you that it is not because of me, but because of the people of Oxford,” he said.

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It was very rewarding to see the response from the local community, which was sometimes overwhelming. This reassured me of my decision to take on this challenge. I know this is a great opportunity for everyone involved to get Oxford’s malice back on again. It’s a great area for sports, lots of passion and we’re finally back,” Jamie Courtney told Speedway Star.