Major mousetrap in Britain, Larry celebrates 10 years in service. It was he who stopped the previous limousine President United States of America Donald Trump.

The master mousetrap celebrates its 10th anniversary of service

Cot Larry shared on his Twitter account on Monday that he is about to spend ten years serving in the Cabinet Secretariat. “I came to Downing Street exactly 10 years ago. I have a feeling my roommates were going to make a mess since then, but I hope I have managed to provide some stability. Time to start working in the second decade!” – “Larry” wrote, Who plans the next ten years of service.

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Larry the Cat and his roommates

Larry decided to explain Once An ongoing question as to who is the principal tenant of 10 Downing Street. “The main thing is to remember that I live here permanently, and politicians stay with me for a while until they are expelled. Sooner or later everyone comes to the conclusion that I am responsible here” – summed up the main mousetrap, where he shared pictures of his “roommates” David CameronAnd the Therese May And the Boris Johnson.

Celebrity among the cats

No doubt, Larry is second to none. His Twitter account is followed by more than 440,000 people. And serve him to Great Britain Still priceless. For the anniversary, Larry decided to return to memories 10 years ago, when David Cameron took him from the shelter in Battersea.

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How did Larry stop the American president

Who is Larry most remembered for his contract president Donald Trump. Many protesters protested against Trump’s visit to the UK, to no avail. What thousands of people failed to do, Larry stepped under the presidential limousine. “It can survive bullets, explosions and chemical weapons attacks, but the monster – Donald Trump’s famous armored limousine – was stopped by a cat, Larry from Downing Street,” AFP reported on Larry’s accomplishments. It didn’t take long for the cat to respond. “What did you expect me to sit in the rain?” – The cat responded to the whole situation.

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A cat in government service

Cats in British government buildings and residences the first show They have been around since the 16th century to catch mice roaming buildings. However, the cats had to wait for an official record in the matter until 1929 – then they were allowed to “spend a penny a day from the cash register to keep an effective falcon.” Celebrating his ten years in service, Larry is the first cat to be awarded the title of chief mousetrap in the Cabinet Secretariat service. This title was officially granted by Her Majesty’s Government.

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