Some German politicians, led by the Minister of Health, “are imagining the Russian Sputnik V vaccine as a solution to Germany’s coronavirus problems.” And Tagesspiegel writes that this is gradually turning into a political scandal.

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Russian vaccine in Germany

Why Soeder, Spahn & What is the clear announcement of the Russian vaccine?

Asks Tagesspiegel.

Did Vladimir Putin’s agents gain access to (Bavarian Prime Minister) Marcus Soder, (Health Minister) Jens Spahn and Harry Galloway, Minister of Economy of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (such as Bavaria, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) They got the Russian vaccine even before possible approval by the European Union – PAP), and they mixed something into their drinks? They are fantasizing about the Russian Sputnik V vaccine as a solution to Germany’s coronavirus problems, and they want initial deals for mass shipping, and in some cases are already making taxpayer money available for this purpose – although doubts mount for weeks about whether the vaccine has ever been.

– Tagesspiegel pee.

Scandals vaccine

According to the newspaper, Sputnik V is becoming more and more a “vaccine for scandals”. Presenting it as hope for Germany “is not just disrespectful. It is a political scandal gradually.”

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Tagesspiegel notes that “the chances of obtaining positive approval are decreasing. The warnings relate, inter alia, to the following: Russia is suspected of having submitted questionable documents to the European Medicines Agency (EMA). The EMA is now examining whether the tests Russia is relying on Meets the ethical and scientific standards of the European Union.

On the one hand, Moscow “stalled the EMA request to visit the clinics and laboratories where the data was allegedly collected.” EMA Director Emer Cooke warns: Sputnik will not be a godsend.

The magazine states that the scientific journal “The Lancet” contributed to the hype surrounding Sputnik. In early February, studies were published that showed the vaccine was more than 90% effective. Slovakia, which requested Sputnik without waiting for EMA approval, is now complaining that the doses delivered do not match the sample used in the Lancet.

Double game?

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), which sells the vaccine worldwide, appears to be playing a double game. There is no trustworthy international vaccine license. It is also unable to produce millions of doses on its own, which it negotiates

– Tagesspiegel pee.

Nevertheless, they know the needs of European politicians who must explain to their own citizens why vaccines are not available. And he uses it to achieve several goals simultaneously

– Osenia “Tagesspiegel”.

He also notes that “RDIF is looking for production facilities in the European Union, including Italy and Illertissen in Bavaria. He suspects he will not get EMA approval, but he wants to replace the lost seal of approval with the words “Made in Germany”.

Politicians have to explain themselves

But for this, Russians need at least national permits in the European Union. The Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) told Tagesspiegel in February that “there will be no special permit in Germany”. Now he reconfirmed this decision.

It is hard to hope for rapid mass production of Sputnik at European pharmaceutical plants

– You write the newspaper.

Pharmaceutical workers say it takes four to six months to start a business. Even if Soeder supports production at Illertissen and tied it to initial contracts for mass delivery, it is likely that some concrete will appear soon after the summer break

– He adds.

As Tagesspiegel wrote, the main obstacle remains at the present time. The EMA approval will not be coming anytime soon, and maybe never. There will also be no national German approval beyond the EMA. Hence: ‘Soeder, Spahn & What do they need to explain: why now they still want to enter into supply contracts for Sputnik? Why are they risking the German taxpayers’ money? And how do they want to protect German Sputnik users from potential vaccine fraud? “

Sputnik V ‘less effective but better’

The chief scientist in charge of Sputnik V Alexander Gincburg said Friday that Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine is less effective against the South African variant of the Coronavirus, but it is still better than other vaccines.

As for the “South African” strain, the effectiveness of the antibodies produced by Sputnik V, like all vaccines against it, is declining. But in the fifth Sputnik vaccination, this decrease is more than double that of the other vaccines.

– He told Interfax, head of the Moscow Center. Nikolai Jamali, who developed Sputnik F.

So the Sputnik V is much better in this respect

– booked up.

Vaccinations in Russia are performed almost exclusively with Sputnik V. According to data provided by President Vladimir Putin on Monday, 4.3 million people have so far received two doses of the preparation, and therefore they were completely vaccinated. Of all those vaccinated, 46% are people over the age of 60.

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