David Jaffe has stirred PlayStation fans who are waiting for an important move from Sony. According to the creator of the first God of War game, the Japanese producer could be a response to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. The developer has received information from friends who work on PlayStation.

Xbox Game Pass is currently the best service to provide users with a comprehensive catalog of various games. Since the PS5 premiere, Sony has been trying to counter the show thanks to powerful and interesting proposals appearing as part of its PlayStation Plus subscription, but among the brand’s supporters there are systematic opinions that the Japanese should take more decisive steps.

David Jaffe, who was responsible for the creation of the brand Twisted Metal and was the creative director for two parts of God of War, pointed out the situation. During the program, the developer decided to respond to negative reactions regarding the activities of the Japanese company and Jim Ryan himself – according to the creator, Sony is preparing to respond to Game Pass:

“Now neither Jim Ryan nor Sony has been asked to disclose what will happen and what the counter will be against Game Pass. I can say that I know they do certain things, I know few people [pracujących- przyp. red.] At Sony, who told me they are working on some cases that would respond to Game Pass. “

Jaffe confirmed that he does not have accurate information about what the PlayStation 5 product will offer, but from his PlayStation friends he has received initial news about the business, which will result in a response to the US service.

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Xbox Game Pass is becoming more and more popular, and it offers titles like Outriders And the MLB The Show 21 from the day it premiered It turned out to be an effective boon for the other players convinced of the US giants’ offer.