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“There will be a second financial crisis strike in the fall at the latest.”

Until Friday, February 12, Pablo Hassel had to face a nine-month prison sentence and a fine of 30,000 euros. The rapper was found guilty of using offensive words against the king SpainIn addition to the slander of state institutions in more than 60 interventions on Twitter from 2014-2016. The musician also made accusations in his words the policeWho accused him of “torturing and killing protesters and immigrants.”

The rapper barricaded himself in college to avoid a prison sentence. The musician was convicted of saying insulting words to the king and slandering the police

It is not the first OnceWhich Pablo Hassel was condemned for glorifying terrorism. In 2014, a court sentenced him to two years in prison. The investigators questioned the lyrics of some of the musician’s songs. In the end, however, the rapper has not served his sentence – if a court in Spain rules to imprisonment for no more than two years for the first time and is not related to a violent crime, the imprisonment is often not considered necessary. However, in the following sentence, the court may decide to “suspend” the first order and extend the prison sentence for the previous offense as well.

On Monday, Pablo Hassel is barricaded at the University of Lleida, 150 kilometers west of Barcelona. The rapper stayed at the university with about 20 of his followers. According to Spanish media, police stormed the university on Tuesday morning and stopped the music.

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More than 200 Spanish artists, including a director, signed a petition in defense of the musician Pedro Almodóvar Or the actor Javier Bardem. BBC Madrid correspondent James Badcock notes the growing problem of free speech in Spain. “If the sentence is executed against Pablo Hassel, he will become the first person to actually go to prison in recent years for exercising freedom of expression.”

Spain. The separatists won the majority in the Catalan elections

Rz ± d He promised to review the law. Legal treatment of freedom of expression crimes may seem like a topic to academics, but the volume of Hassel’s graffiti in Spanish cities indicates that many young people believe that the real issue of freedom is at risk, ”James Badcock adds.

Last Saturday and Sunday in the center Barcelona Was organized appearance Solidarity with Hassel. Object It ended in clashes with the police. According to estimates by the officers, about 800 people participated in the riots.

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