The head of Polish diplomacy emphasized the closeness of Polish-Estonian relations and emphasized the partnership within the European Union and NATO.

“Our trade volume has more than quadrupled since our joint accession to the European Union, and we believe that by no means is over,” Rao said. Among the topics of the talks, he mentioned joint infrastructure projects and cyber security, as well as the situation in Belarus and Russia’s aggressive policy.

We are concerned about the Russian military presence in eastern Ukraine and the presence of Russian forces along the Ukrainian border. The head of the Polish diplomacy emphasized that although most of them were withdrawn, the military equipment remained there.

He noted that in an interview with the Estonian Foreign Minister, they discussed the security architecture in the eastern neighborhood of our countries. “We discussed the tense situation in Belarus, Russia’s aggressive policy, and our common understanding of Ukraine’s European aspirations,” he said. The conversation is also concerned with the prospects for the European Union’s Eastern Partnership.

He also referred to the tense situation – in his assessment – the escalating conflict in Belarus. According to him, the situation a month ago, related to the fact that Ryan Aya forced Belarus to land in Minsk and arrested opponent Raman Pratasevich on board the ship, shows that “it is difficult to predict the further development of events in Belarus and it is difficult to be optimistic about this.”

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