The Chicxulub crater is 150 km in diameter and 1 km in depth. It was formed about 66 million years ago, which is the same time that the Cretaceous extinction began. A volcano crater left by an asteroid or comet collision. Scientists are getting close to discovering exactly what could be.

Experts from Harvard University in the United States believe that they discovered how such a large object approached Earth and led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. Jupiter’s gravitational pull pulls comets from the outer edges of the solar system and pushes them toward the sun. When celestial bodies orbit the sun, the force of gravity shatters them, and the resulting debris passes through the solar system.

Dinosaur extinction. Scientists come close to the truth

According to an article in Nature’s Scientific Reports, one of these debris has likely fallen to Earth. Amir Siraj, one of the researchers, explained that the force of Jupiter could throw many different comets toward Earth.

The solar system works like a pinball machine. He said that Jupiter, the most massive planet, ejects incoming comets and brings them closer to the sun.

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Our work is the basis for explaining this event. Astronomer Avi Loeb said, “We believe that if an object crashes as it approaches the sun, this could increase the likelihood of such events occurring, as well as the effect that killed the dinosaurs.”