Some still deal with Lukashenka. Economic sanctions have to wait

Some still deal with Lukashenka.  Economic sanctions have to wait

Foreign Ministers of 27 Member States European Union At today’s meeting in Luxembourg, the two sides are set to adopt another package of sanctions targeting Belarus. They are likely to be joined by other countries, including Canada, the United States, Ukraine and the United Kingdom, with whom Brussels is coordinating its sanctions policy.

On Black list This time around, the sanctions will be imposed on 70-80 names and from one to eight companies, various European sources reported on Friday. This will be the fourth set of restrictions adopted since the fraudulent presidential election Belarus last August.

from now on Sanctions List There are 88 natural persons and seven legal entities. They are subject to an EU entry ban and asset freeze. Alexander himself is subject to penalties Lukashenka and his son Wektar who had a great influence on the power structures and looked after his father’s interests in the Middle East.

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