Opening up the economy depends on the responsibility of all of us. We are doing our best to start defrosting in succession in accordance with security protocols, said Olga Semenyuk, Deputy Minister of Development, Labor and Technology, in an interview with Radio Zait on Monday.

As Semenyuk said, in answering a question about possible dates for the economy’s thawing, the relevant situation will depend on assessing the epidemiological situation in a period of about two weeks after the end of school holidays and after the return of young students to school.

It also indicated that the schedule of measures presented in October, assuming that the restrictions applied to the average number of infections per week, were designed with the situation in the country in mind.

Meanwhile, we are also dealing with a second strain of the virus from Great Britain, which we did not expect to happen. The movement of people, and the extent of disease in Great Britain, resulted in deeper restrictions in Poland, and were implemented in order not to overburden health services and not have a snowball effect. – She said Semenyuk.

According to the deputy minister, the most important factors of economic openness are the progress of the national immunization program and the stability of the number of cases in the country.

Olga Semenyuk reports that a helpline has been launched in the Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Technology, and it is intended for entrepreneurs who want to open their businesses despite the restrictions.

This hotline indicates the willingness of entrepreneurs to speak up. We are in dialogue. However, I would like to emphasize that the aid money from the budget cannot be directed to those who do not wish to operate in accordance with the regulations in force (On Restrictions – PAP) – The deputy minister confirmed.

In her view, the Entrepreneur Helpline will be open “definitely until Friday.” Semenyuk emphasized that the financial support tools currently available to businesses cannot be created without dialogue with entrepreneurs.

However, the construction of the shield was dependent on the notification of the European Commission. Poland was not alone in waiting. We were also able to implement other tools, such as subsidies for fixed labor costs, 7 billion PLN to recover from Spring Shield and 13 billion PLN, which will now go to entrepreneurs under the established tools mentioned. As she confirmed, Just as the vaccination program is linked to the supply of vaccines from the European Union, so the same payments were linked to notification.

Semenyuk reports that the small subsidy of 5,000 zlotys is very popular with entrepreneurs. PLN, which has been extended for another month. Also a popular tool is parking, plus an additional payment for employee fixed costs in the amount of two thousand. PLN.

Referring to data from CEIDG, Semenyuk said that the country’s unemployment rate is at 6.2%, and that the balance of bankruptcy and halt in economic activities is also being held. “Thanks to financial support, we are able to avoid a deep increase in unemployment. If it is violent, we will respond,” the deputy minister said.

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