A woman who refused to wear a mask recorded the moment two policemen forced her out of Sainsbury.

The director printed a card from a government website to confirm that she had the right to go to the supermarket without covering her face.

However, Sainsbury, like other supermarkets like Morrison’s and Tesco in the UK, has tightened their mask policy by denying entry to customers who do not want to wear masks and do not have the necessary documentation.

The policewoman also said that it was not enough to show something that everyone could print at home.

However, the woman has repeatedly claimed that she is exempt from wearing the mask and does not need proof of this. When the policeman asked her why she was being fired, she refused to say why, saying that she had no right to ask her.

In a video filmed in a supermarket in Kent, UK, you can then see officers explain that the store manager does not agree to serve her and then take her out of the supermarket.

The woman who posted the video on social media said she was discriminated against, faced a fine of up to £ 9,000 for officials and referred them to court. Then she takes photos of their police badge numbers and the cops take it out.

A Kent Police Department spokesperson commented on the incidents: “At 10:55 AM on Saturday January 16, 2021, Kent Police officers were called to Sainsburys in Dartford to assist employees who asked a man and woman to leave the store to lose a mask. The officers spoke to the couple, who pulled out after That’s from the store. No further action will be taken. ”

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What does the government website say about masks?

Police can intervene if citizens do not abide by the law of concealment without medical reason, according to a government website.

However, the same page also states that people whose medical condition or disability allows them not to cover their faces do not need to provide any written evidence of this.

They also don’t have to ask the doctor for a letter confirming that they are exempt from wearing masks.

According to the government website, some may feel more comfortable owning a card, so anyone can print the card with The form on the government website.

However, obtaining a release card or ID card is a personal choice and is not required by law, and it is posted on gov.uk