As Reuters recently reported, the US Treasury will not renew Russia’s foreign debt service license. It will expire on May 25, which means that Russia will not be able to settle its foreign currency obligations to US foreign investors.

The Russian Ministry of Finance has already indicated this and announced that it will continue to pay investors, but in rubles. The head of the Russian Ministry of Finance, Anton Siluanov, noted that Russia has money, and that the current problem was artificially caused by an “anti-Russian state.”

“The current situation has nothing to do with the situation in 1998, when Russia did not have sufficient resources to repay its debts. Now there is money, and there is also a willingness to pay. This situation, artificially created by a” hostile state “, will not affect the quality of life of Russians. ‘ said Siluanow, whose words were conveyed by the Kommersant.

Failure to pay (interest, debt repayment) of the bonds or repay them in a currency other than that issued (such as dollars or euros) could lead to Russia’s bankruptcy – the decision of the United States not to renew the license makes this scenario more likely.


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