the last one Rumors about the power and release date of PlayStation 5 Pro Suggested that the console will appear at the end of 2023. TCL Conference today, a paid product. Television sets seem to give credence to these reports. TV models introduced in 2022 must be compatible with “9th generation”, i.e. updated versions of consoles – the new PlayStation 5 Pro and Xbox Series S/X.

The information should not be read as emphatic – TCL only indicates that consoles are likely to appear in the specified period and prepares its products for this.

At today’s conference, Marek Macijuwski, Director of Product Development for Europe at TCL Europe, presented the company’s plans to develop televisions, including consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

In one of the slides, there was information about a possible launch window for updated hardware models – the new PlayStation 5 Pro and the new Xbox Series S / X, respectively – in 2023 or 2024. Although There is no certainty that the device will appear next (or whether it will appear at all)The radio and television manufacturer’s preparations seem to indicate that this might happen.

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