Many people lost their homes overnight, properties – confirmed the local government prime minister. Faust said he has been in contact with Essen Mayor Thomas Coffin about the fire.

In turn, the mayor of Essen said he was relieved about it No one was killed in the fire. “It is not clear in a fire of this magnitude” – quotes the mayor’s website in the weekly “Der Spiegel”. There were no casualties “thanks to the intervention of neighbors, as well as firefighters and the ambulance service” – said the local government official.

after the fire At least three people need medical attention. According to city authorities, 35 apartments completely burnt out In the complex includes 39 apartments. The fire affected about a hundred tenants, and more than 150 officers from the emergency services immediately fought off the fire, writes “Der Spiegel”.

The city authorities have announced that they will provide accommodation for people who cannot return to their apartments. The housing company Vivawest also promised to support about a hundred residents of burned-out apartments.

The police said they would drive fire investigation – writes the gate.

Frank Hashemer, vice president of the German Fire Association, suspects that the destroyer The fire may have spread outside the building – Probably due to the isolation of the interface.

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“The rapid spread of the fire surprised all emergency services,” a spokesman for the Essen Fire Department said.

The dilapidated apartment complex is a new building from 2015, according to Vivawest, that was equipped with a fire door to prevent the rapid spread of fire in accordance with building regulations.

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