Robert Lewandowski has already finished the season, so he deserves the rest he deserves. Together with his wife Anna, he went to France, and the couple was surrounded by an important cultural event.


Instagram / Anna Lewandowska / Pictured: Robert and Anna Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski has had a very busy season behind him. The Poles won the German championship with Bayern Munich, but the Bavarians did not manage to achieve success in the Champions League. No wonder it’s time for the well-deserved rest.

Especially those uncertain moments await the pole. The striker would like to change the environment and the most talked about is his move to FC Barcelona. However, he still has a one-year contract with Bayern Munich, and the club’s management appears unfavorable for Lewandowski’s move to Catalan Duma.

The Lewandowski family went to the south of France, namely to Cannes. They have an important cultural purpose, because from May 17 a famous film festival is held, where the Golden Palm will be honored.

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Anna Lewandowska praised the photo in social media. – Welcome to Cannes – wrote a Polish fitness specialist. Internet users are delighted with the photo of the couple. “Boscy”, “Ania you look beautiful”, “You look great” – these are just some of the comments from the photo of the couple.

The Lewandowski family came to Cannes just in time. The festival ends on Saturday 28 May.

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