While reviewing footage of the military parade on Military Victory Day in Moscow, a young man speaking to Vladimir Putin caught the attention of some commentators. According to reports, it will be Dmitry Kovalev, whom Putin himself will likely have prepared as his successor.

No new words or announcements were made by the Russian leader during the official speech on D-Day. Most commentators paid attention to what Putin did not say, rather than what ended in the fifteen-minute speech.

Putin once again justified the decision to invade on February 24. He again accused NATO of fomenting the conflict. He said that Russia had no choice but to attack Ukraine, because this Western-backed country was planning military actions in the Donbass and in the Crimea.

After a minute’s silence, Putin also announced that he had just signed a decree to provide special social care to the families of soldiers who died and were injured in Ukraine.

Putin’s horrific words. Show in Red Square [RELACJA]

Therefore, after the event, commentators focused not only on unspoken words, but also on Vladimir Putin’s gestures and facial expressions. One of the things that caught the eye…a thick green blanket on the Russian leader’s lap.

Putin was the only person who, despite the favorable weather, was covered with a blanket – the President of Russia carried him in his lap – The British newspaper “The Mirror” reported. The press also confirms that in the Russian capital on Monday until noon it was 9 degrees Celsius.

There was immediate speculation about what Putin wanted to hide. Rumors spread about his health for several weeks. Some people see symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. In their opinion The blanket in my lap was supposed to hide my shivering legs.

Putin with a blanket on his lap. A wave of speculation about his health

Now, a mysterious man seen on Monday has grabbed the media’s attention next to the leader. The conversation was recorded online. Ukrainian racing driver Igor Sushko posted it on his Twitter account.

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Sochko claims that the name of the man Putin spoke to was Dmitriy Kovalev And that According to rumors, he is set to be groomed by Putin himself as his deputy

As Sushko writes, “The young man with Putin Had a long and sincere conversation on Red Square, this is the head of the President’s Department of Administration, Dmitry Kovalev (The information is not confirmed). Soon, rumors began circulating that he might be chosen by Putin as his successor.

These reports about a possible successor to Putin are also broadcast by Baza channel on Telegram, adding some new details.

according to the rule Dmitry Kovalev, 36 years old, There are lots of ice hockey pictures on their website. It is possible that it was common sports interests that brought Kovalev closer to Putin.

The Russian leader openly showed his love for hockey when, on his 63rd birthday in 2015, he led a team of retired sports stars against an amateur team at the Olympic skating rink in Sochi.”

Putin’s sixty-third birthday. 80% of Russians trust him

Vladimir Putin has been making himself a strong leader for years, not only mentally but also physically. They became famous for him Pictures from holidays, where he would hunt with an exposed trunk, feed a reindeer, or ride a horse.

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registration which Vladimir Putin publicly “reprimanded” the head of the KGB, It will give the expected answer. This happened on February 21 (just before the invasion of Ukraine) at the Security Council of the Russian Federation, where proposals to recognize the independence of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics were discussed.

So far, Vladimir Putin has not suggested that he might step down, quite the opposite For all the time, by law, she guaranteed herself the possibility of exercising almost complete power over Russia and the Russians.

The Russians supported the changes to the constitution. Putin will be able to become president again

At the same time, there has long been speculation about his ill health. The media has long reported the physical discomfort of the Russian leader – cancer, Parkinson’s disease and schizophrenia are mentioned.

Cancer, Parkinson’s disease and schizophrenia. What is suffering from Vladimir Putin?

And a recording of a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Sergei Shoigu appeared in Russian media, during which the Russian Defense Minister, in his opinion, said that the assailant had captured Mariupol. Several experts and netizens noted Putin’s strange behavior during the recorded event.

The recording time provided in the media is 12 minutes. The whole time, Shoigu and Putin were sitting at the table. Putin bends down and remains at the table. His thumb twitches from time to time. At certain moments, the head of Russia’s foot may move in a strange way.

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Putin’s strange behavior in a conversation with Shoigu. He was holding the table

a. Body language expert Eric Bussy told The Sun that Putin does not look like a healthy person. This is not a picture of a healthy Putin, He seems weaker and weaker and can hardly keep himself upright on the table. Putin’s legs look very skinny, as if he is losing weight or losing muscle. A swollen face suggests an unhealthy appearance, especially compared to photos of Putin a few years ago – He said.

Former British MP Louise Minch He claims that the Russian president has Parkinson’s disease. She referred to British media reports that Putin contracted the disease in 2020.

At the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, US officials drew attention to Putin’s state of mind. Putin has been completely isolated from his surroundings, in part due to Covid-19. He is now essentially lonely, completely separated from his advisors, and geographically isolated. The only people who talk to him are the ones who flatter him – They take notice.

About Putin’s poor health British intelligence also reportedAnd he talked about it in an interview with RMF FM reporter French specialist on the behind-the-scenes power struggle in Russia – historian, political scientist and columnist Alexandre Adler