The principle of operation is quite simple – the load is rotated at an amazing speed in a centrifuge, and then it is “fled” into space at a very high speed. Test results very promising.

centrifuge, actually A-33 . Suborbital Mass Accelerator It is currently only operating at a fraction of its maximum strength. This is another test of this device. The charge was a three-meter long missile with a camera attached to it Record the entire event.

The footage shows a spinning image of the Earth’s receding surface. You can even notice at the end of the video cross the atmosphere. The rotation of the load is intended and intended to be achieved Extra stability in flight.

The missile traveled at a speed of 1600 km/h and reached 7620 meters high. The flight took about 82 seconds.

It is impractical to launch a human being through a centrifuge. The use of the sub-orbital accelerator can cause Reduce the cost of carrying loads in orbit to less than $500,000 per launch.

main reason SpinLaunch 200 kg of satellites are placed on low earth orbit.

The centrifuge uses an electro-kinetic system to start the operation. The height of the accelerator is 50.4 m, which is higher than statue of Libertyand (46 m). The machine is placed on a special adjustable base. All supported by two simultaneous supports vacuum system collectors. Such installations lead to the installation of an underground vacuum, which is responsible for removing air from the room. This is for Create a low friction environment.

In the center of the room there is its own composite rope carbon fiberThis “turns in and out” the projectile. The chamber has a diameter of 33 m and a weight of 1000 tons. vacuum chamber It is made of steel that maintains the low pressure required for long-term and fast operation of the rope. At the same time, it reduces the heating of the interior.

Internal baffles are attached to the chamber to inhibit the flow of air entering the chamber when the projectile is fired.

The current device is a prototype. full size accelerator It will be three times the size It will carry the load more quickly. The missiles will reach an altitude of about 60 km before the engines begin to redirect the payload on its way.

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