Vladimir Putin began his message with a map of the situation in Donbass, which he described as “critical.” It was also mentioned that Ukraine is not a neighboring country, but an “inseparable part” of Russia’s history, its cultural space. He further argued that modern Ukraine was created by his state.

– The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 is in fact a theft of Russia – according to the assessment of the President of Russia. – We are ready to show what it means to end the real unity of Ukraine – he added.

Putin explains his decision to defend Russia

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While explaining this decision, the Russian President stated that Ukraine is not a nation in the traditional sense. But after a moment he decided that the Kiev authorities were “saturated” with nationalism.

There were also arguments in defense of Russia. Vladimir Putin argued that Ukraine “can obtain nuclear weapons” and then the situation for Russia would change. In his opinion, Kiev also prepared a plan for the conquest of Crimea, and missiles from Poland’s anti-missile shield could be used against Moscow. Therefore, his country must respond to this.

The joint exercises between Ukraine and NATO were to target Russia. And he said: – Russia received a promise not to expand NATO to the east, but these promises were not fulfilled.

world reaction

“The recognition of two separatist regions of Ukraine is a flagrant violation of international law, the territorial integrity of Ukraine and the Minsk agreements. The European Union and its partners will react with unity, firmness and determination in solidarity with Ukraine,” she wrote.

Volodymyr Zelensky spoke with US President Joe Biden about recent events. The President of Ukraine is also scheduled to speak with the Prime Minister of Great Britain. Boris Johnson also spoke after Putin’s decision.

This is a clear violation of international law. This is a flagrant violation of the sovereignty and integrity of Ukraine. It is a contradiction to the Minsk process and the Minsk agreements, and I think it is a bad omen and a very bleak sign. The British prime minister said this was another sign that things were going in the wrong direction.

Mateusz Morawiecki called an urgent meeting of the European Council. – The decision to recognize the unilaterally declared “republics” is a definitive rejection of dialogue and a flagrant violation of international law; It is an act of aggression against Ukraine You must face an unequivocal response in the form of immediate penalties – said the head of the Polish government.