Animal rights protesters have banned four McDonald’s distribution centers across the UK, according to The Guardian. The business is extremely cumbersome for the chain, as it threatens the operations of around 1,300 restaurants in this country.

Animal Rebellion activists used bamboo trucks and structures to close distribution points in Hemel Hempstead, Basingstoke, Coventry, Heywood, and Greater Manchester from around 4.30am on Saturday.

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Animal Rebellion said it would stay in factories for at least 24 hours, causing “significant disruptions” in the company’s supply chain.

Kerri Waters, who has been a member of Animal Rebellion since its inception in 2.5 years, spoke to a journalist from The Guardian in Heywood, where she and about 20 other activists banned the magazines.

The activist hopes that this action will make people stop and think about the network’s activities. He added, as a normal working-class woman, she does not want to do without jobs like her.

However, if we continue to consume like we do, that will have a serious impact on future generations. Today, we have the opportunity to create meat and dairy products in a vegetarian or farmed version – the protest organizer explained.

The protesters realize that they may be arrested. But they are determined to stay where they have to make a big change, “Otherwise, there will be no future,” they think.


He said distribution centers are facing disruptions. The company is now assessing the impact on restaurant connections and menu items. The spokesperson also apologized to network agents for any inconvenience caused by the protest.