In a comment on Facebook, the State Department announced that “serious US interference in Russia’s internal affairs is a proven fact, as is the promotion of false news and calls for actions carried out without permission through the Internet platforms controlled by Washington.”

This is how the Russian Ministry commented on the statement of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkin. His words are “yet another confirmation of Washington’s role behind the scenes,” according to the assessment of the Foreign Ministry in Moscow. She expressed her belief that “measures to encourage protests are part of Russia’s containment strategy.”

Blinken tweeted on Sunday that the United States condemned Russia’s “brutal tactics” against the protesting opposition supporters. He also called on the Russian authorities to release the imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

Demonstrations took place in Russia on Sunday, in which participants demanded Navalny’s release and accused President Vladimir Putin of corruption.. In nearly a hundred cities across the country, police have arrested approximately 3,900 people during these actions – which were carried out without permission from the authorities.

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