The Minister of Health announced, during a press conference, on Thursday, that shops and service points would open in shopping centers from Monday, February 1. However, everything will be done in a healthy system. Graduation hours will also be canceled. What will change?

From February 1, after a five-week closure, shops in malls will reopen.

We are opening stores in shopping centers in compliance with the sanitation system, said Minister of Health Adam Nideszelsky on Thursday. “This is a solution, a cautious step,” he added.

The head of the Ministry of Health also reported that in response to the entrepreneurs’ call, so-called elderly hours have been called up.

Shops open under the sewage system

The Polish Council of Shopping Centers calls on consumers to act responsibly when visiting shopping centers. At the same time, PRCH states that customer safety depends on strict adherence to DDM principles and health system guidelines.

When visiting a shopping center, you must remember exactly the following:

  • Keep away from other buyers, at least 1.5 meters,
  • Hand disinfection
  • A suitably fitted mask that covers the nose and mouth at the same time.
  • The number of customers in shopping centers is limited – 1 person per 15 square meters

Dispensers were provided with disinfectants at the entrances and corridors of commercial establishments. Every commercial facility provides customers with access to masks. The rules for safe shopping, the need to maintain a distance or properly wash hands are reminded of the voice messages and information panels in the exhibition, as are the mall employees.

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Moreover, according to PRCH, the frequency of cleaning has been increased, as well as disinfection of common spaces, toilets, handrails, door handles and buttons in elevators several times a day. Additionally, the number of people in a particular shopping center is constantly monitored.

Shopping centers are safe, the highest hygienic standards are maintained in their buildings, and communication between customers is short-lived. The owners and renters of commercial establishments invite you to visit shopping centers, and at the same time they demand caution and responsibility when shopping.

According to data from the Polish Council of Shopping Centers, the safest way to shop is during the day, Monday to Thursday, between 12:00 and 15:00, when fewer people visit the showrooms. By preparing a list of things to buy in advance, we can easily reduce the shopping time greatly and free up space for other customers faster. Let’s listen to voice messages and react to service orders – we are jointly responsible for safety in the shopping center.

After the resumption of trade in shopping centers, the number of infected people has not increased since November 28. In terms of sanitary rules applied shopping centers It is one of the safest places in public places, informs the Council.