Bernie Sanders decided to donate money from selling items bearing his image to a charity. And last year, the politician pulled out of the race for the presidency and backed Joe Biden’s candidacy. Unlike Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders appeared at the New Division party President.

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Kamala Harris was sworn in as Vice President of the United States

Uniforms for Sanders at Biden’s inauguration. “I wanted to wear warm clothes”

Bernie Sanders prefers to wear “warm, not fashionable” clothes.

In an interview with CBS, Bernie Sanders stated that he wore woolen gloves and a warm jacket upon the inauguration because he was from an area where warm clothes were more important than modern clothes. “In Vermont, we know something about the cold, and we don’t care about fashion. So it did today – the politician said. Interestingly, the politician’s gloves were sewn by a teacher from Vermont, using wool from old blouses and fibers from recycled plastic bottles.” Photo spread. Sanders comfortably dressed around the world and became an internet meme, which inspired a politician to open an online store with clothes bearing his image.

Sanders sweatshirts and shirts raised $ 1.8 million for a charity

From selling gadgets with image Senator Approximately $ 1.8 million has been raised. The first batch of products were purchased from the store within half an hour. The politician announced that the proceeds from the sale of clothing will be donated to help Vermont residents, including the Meals on Wheels program, which provides hot meals to those in need. Bernie Sanders has been involved in philanthropy for many years and is against discrimination.

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“My wife and I admire the creativity shown by so many people. We are excited to be able to help those in need in Vermont,” Bernie Sanders wrote in a statement. AP. “Even that amount cannot replace the measures of Congress. I will do my best to do so,” he added WashingtonSo that people in Vermont and across the country get the support they need in their worst crisis. “

Weather for today - thursday, January 28.Weather for today – thursday, January 28. Rain and snow all over the country