Residents of the outskirts of Kandahar took to the streets after the Taliban ordered them to leave their homes but did not advise where to go. The Taliban fighters are scheduled to seize their buildings. According to the agency ReutersHundreds of former Afghan army soldiers who live in the area, along with women and youth, took to the streets.

Journalists are in protests In Kandahar, they reported that they stayed to be beaten by the Taliban.

About 600,000 people live in Kandahar. Persons. Among them are many military widows or wives who have been killed or injured in anti-Taliban activities over the past twenty years.

Reuters points out the difficult situation in Afghanistan. The country is currently facing a very difficult situation, not only due to the protracted conflict between the Taliban and the Afghan forces, but also from the severe drought and COVID-19 epidemic.

Split between the Taliban? There was a violent fight between the leaders

BBC In turn, a serious rift has recently been reported between the Taliban leadership. Abdul Ghani Baradar, head of the Politburo, is not satisfied with the structure, according to the media. ranking temporary. Information about the split coincides with Baradar’s absence from public life.

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Kabul journalists were arrested and beaten by the Taliban. They talked about protesting to defend women’s rights

Unofficial reports were confirmed by an anonymous high-ranking (living in Qatar) Taliban representative. According to his account, the quarrel occurred last weekend. The reason is Baradar’s dissatisfaction with the structure of the interim government. “The conflict is said to have arisen out of divisions over who should be commended for winning Afghanistan,” the BBC says.

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According to reports, Baradar believes that this is mainly an achievement of diplomacy, people like him. Hakani and his supporters say that the most important thing was the armed struggle. British television reports that the deputy prime minister was the first Taliban leader to speak directly to the US president.

Split between the Taliban? There was a violent fight between the leaders

It’s about an interview with Donald Trump in March of last year. Earlier, Baradar signed a US withdrawal agreement on behalf of the Taliban forces. In turn, the so-called Hakani network is accused of launching the most brutal attacks against Afghan forces and their Western allies.

News of a split among the leaders coincided with Baradar’s disappearance from public life in recent days. CNN notes that speculation about internal conflicts was fueled by her absence from the delegation that met Sunday with the Qatari foreign minister. There were even unconfirmed reports that the leader was injured. Others said he died.