The latest addition to PlayStation Studios has high ambitions. While Firesprite is already a multi-staff team, the company has embarked on a new hiring process that confirms that at least one PlayStation 5 game is in development.

At the beginning of September, the team PlayStation Studios expanded with Firesprite. During this time, we also learned that Developers have not joined the Sony family to deal with minigames – We can now confirm it Developers are developing the next generation of large-scale production:

“This project has AAA ambitions and places a strong focus on graphics, animation, and unique character creations to increase player presence and immerse themselves in new levels in the game world.”

You can find the words above in one of the latest job postings. The team announced it He develops an AAA game, “immersion in the world” may suggest a situation set up with virtual reality goggles in mind. The British studio has extensive experience creating VR titles, so we can assume that the creators have started developing the first proposal for PlayStation VR 2. Let us remind you that there were rumors yesterday that Sony’s new addition will develop Horizon VR.

Note the size of the team – Firesprite has already been announced to have 250 developers, but is currently looking for another 40 specialists. The studio could be a very valuable improvement for PlayStation Studios.

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