Scientists from the University of Arizona learned based on their research that by 2060, as a result of further climate warming, the North Atlantic Current may shift its location to the northwest. It now moves north-east from the Atlantic Ocean, reaches the western border of the British Isles, and from there turns into northern Scandinavia, where its waters return heat to the atmosphere. The turbulent situation will have serious consequences for Europe, as this current regulates the temperature level, weather shape and total precipitation on the Old Continent. According to scientists, after 2060, weather anomalies such as floods, cyclones, violent storms and droughts will be more frequent than before. Specialists based their conclusions on research conducted on the ice sheet in Greenland. They examined changes over the past 1,250 years and compared them to current climate change. They have encountered…


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I am 50 years old. At 40 I’ll be 90 (I doubt I’ll live to be there). For now, come on… I’m going to drive good cars that burn more than 20 out of 100 and LACHA has laid out what will be in 40 years. About…Read everything

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I am 50 years old. At 40 I’ll be 90 (I doubt I’ll live to be there). For now, come on… I’m going to drive good cars that burn more than 20 out of 100 and LACHA has laid out what will be in 40 years. Nobody cared about me – I have to scratch everything myself – so -….. I’ll add electricity, floods, hurricanes, and American scientists from Arizona

This is nonsense. Can’t predict the weather for the next 30 days and know what will happen in 2060? Oh yes, American scientists predicted …


2060 is a good time horizon to scare people with predictions. Many will not survive, and if they do, they will not remember that they were threatened.

The question is, did this current trend change earlier in history? If not, then there is no need to do it at the request of scientists (even American scientists). Homo sapiens influence on climate is zero.

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To the “Satra Gupnik”, I call you the “Old Gupek”, who cares about what you lead and what you have anything but one thing is surely that your mind is not a “penny”.

I would have watched your reports, if they hadn’t been preceded by commercials for an hour

In 40 years in Europe, it will be like in the Middle Ages thanks to ecologists. Nothing threatens anyone

Everything changes, and the fact that the lithosphere also moves and the location of the continents with it is not written anymore, yes, it takes thousands of years, but still; The desert was once at the equator and there is evidence of that under the sand, the land of Poland was the bottom of the sea, until the core of the earth cooled and the lava moved under the crust until it was on the ground. As such, the Earth will “stand” because its core will freeze in the wind and the sun will blow the atmosphere and everything will turn red


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With these ecologists, it is the same as with savages and covids … They spread unsupported propaganda and work for one common goal – the introduction of the New World Order … And by throwing papers from the balcony, the world will be healthier and we will avoid a terrible catastrophe … No It matters that the city, the country, and the whole state throw out toxic garbage a million times worse than these papers … for the nei children of kindergarten …

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Then Kaczyński . will retire

The sun rubs the bottom, little solar winds, coronal holes, and no sunspots. There are no coronal holes in the sun. Let me give you the temperature of the solar wind from 100,000 degrees to 200,000 degrees, which is close to Earth’s temperature and does not heat the Earth’s upper atmosphere. The aurora borealis are very beautiful as far as these solar winds reach the earth all over the world, thus the nights have warm temperature records and no solar wind frost records. I’m going to give the sun’s surface temperature less than 6000 degrees and the solar wind has up to 200,000 degrees near the Earth coming out of the sun 1,000,000 degrees out of heat. It preys on people’s ignorance. And now, say your margin, yes, you could say CO2 heats up a bit more or solar winds. I write stupid things, some of which I will write because I write ugly but I can read, I am interested in solar activity. Yes, I agree, scientists need to save fossil fuels after the grandchildren run out, it looks like a long cold winter after the sun two months ago, I don’t know, I suppose there will be little solar activity and there will be winter this is my theory

For bad fate to come to my rivals, I wish them all the disasters for what they are and how they destroy people. Amino.


Well, unless Cofido kills us mentally

It is only the result of cooling the waters of the Atlantic Ocean with vast stretches of ice fields that broke off from the Arctic and flowed into the middle of the Atlantic, but within a year the water will mix and the temperature will return to normal. The sun still sends out loads of energy, but less and less. 2014 – red spots, fireball, 2018 – black spots.

It will be after Pisie

These scientists must first understand alien MSG to know what will happen because this mundane nonsense cannot be tolerated by an intelligent MSG.

And I predict – next yes – cut down forests by thousands of hectares – there are more forests in Poland than nature allows – at the expense of forests Build highways – factories, plants, nature concrete – the Earth’s atmosphere has already been disturbed – this is the future of Poland and Europe, from Bug to Portugal – It is only a matter of time – Droughts, hurricanes, trumpets – And hurricanes do not mean that the roofs of a few houses will be torn, but entire cities will be equal to the Earth – Floods, not regional but part of the country – Drought, everything will dry up – In addition to the fuel burned by cars they know very well that it is the greatest source of environmental and nature degradation – but on this subject, the silence – most importantly the billions earned in fuel – and the big scream, because someone is burning in the fireplace, being punished for poisoning the air – at the bus station It will burn, and poison, but hundreds of cars will pass during this time – don’t smoke, we want to breathe fresh air here