Not much has been written about it, although it is important information.

The distinguished American Time magazine published a comprehensive study in which it was recognized that a number of “progressive” organizations and institutions in the United States had been working in concert for months to lead the results of the presidential elections.

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Coordinated action

Journalist Molly Ball published an article titled “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Elections”, in which she lists all the major players in this coordinated action. These are, of course, organizations hostile to Donald Trump and closely linked to the Democratic Party. While Ball insists unconvincingly in several places that the goal of this alliance was not to “prevent a Trump victory,” the entire text, perhaps inadvertently, reveals coordinated measures aimed at preventing that victory.

Paul begins with quoting Trump’s comments shortly after the election.

“It was all very, very strange. In the days following the election, we witnessed an organized effort to nominate a winner, even as votes in several major states counted.

Then Paul concludes:

Trump was right somehow.

He adds:

“Behind the scenes, there was a plot developing to contain the protests and coordinate the resistance of the CEO. Both surprises were the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and the giants of business.”

The purpose of the alliance

Ball writes that this alliance “was formalized in an unclear statement by the American Chamber of Commerce and the AFL-CIO (the largest union headquarters in America) released on Election Day.”

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What is the purpose of this alliance? Paul explains:

“Both sides will begin to see this as some kind of secret bargain where manpower and capital come together to keep the peace and counter Trump’s attack on democracy.”

Paul also writes about Mike Bodora, an AFL-CIO consultant in charge of political analysis and of course close to the Democratic Party and liberal groups. Bodhurzer was concerned about a potential “electoral failure” and was doing his best to prevent it. For this purpose, he gathered representatives of several organizations.

Podhorzer started working on his laptop at the kitchen table, holding Zoom meetings for hours a day with his network of contacts in a progressive world: the labor movement; institutional left groups such as Planned Parenthood and Greenpeace; resistance groups such as Indivisible and MoveOn; activists Racial justice and others. “

Then this organization worked on various aspects of the elections. One of them was controlling social media. Time writes that representatives of this group met with Facebook chief Marco Zuckerberg and Twitter head Jack Dorsey. One of the people at these meetings convinced the Silicon Valley giants of the need to “control and contain the lies of the Trump camp,” Vanita Gupta, chair of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. Where is Gupta now? Biden appointed her deputy attorney general.

Connect with organizations

The TIME text also explains how the Secret Society contacted the organizations behind the protests that rocked the United States in May after the death of George Floyd. Time wrote that the activists themselves were prepared to take people onto the streets “if Trump tries to steal the election.”

More than 150 liberal groups have joined the Protect Results coalition. The group’s website, which no longer exists, contained a map of 400 demonstrations planned after the elections to be activated by text message. To stop the coup they had feared, the left was ready to flood the streets.

The text outlines several other ways in which this “liberal organization” has directed elections, such as hiring people to engage voters in democratic electoral districts, changing election laws in several states, and making millions of donations to its activities.

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Alliance horror

While the text in Part One talks about how all these “multiparty” measures were, Part Two describes election night and the horror of the liberal coalition after the first results that were in Trump’s favor. Those who oversaw the Antifa forces were ready to take to the streets as the first news of Trump’s victories arrived. Podhorzer told them, in turn, to wait. His assessment proved beneficial to his organization.

The text ends with the words “Democracy has triumphed”. In this case, “democracy” is simply left-wing political forces that, as the text clearly shows, have a whole structure in their favor – from Silicon Valley to the media to Wall Street.

Mainstream media like Time don’t hesitate to write about it anymore.