A number of product recalls have been issued for items that can pose a risk to people’s health.

Items selected from Asda, Tesco, Lidl and elsewhere should be returned immediately – or thrown into the trash.

Nottinghamshire Live Reports indicate that meatballs and Twix ice cream bars are among the items people are asked not to eat.

One such item is Tesco’s type of chorizo ​​product which can contain bacteria that can lead to dangerous infections.

Statement on Food Standards Agency website He says: “The symptoms caused by this organism can be similar to the flu and include high temperature, muscle aches or pains, chills, feeling or illness and diarrhea.”

“Some people are more likely to have a listeria infection, including those over the age of 65, pregnant women and their unborn babies, children younger than one month old, and people with weakened immune systems.”

Product recall requests are often issued if the components are not listed correctly.

This scenario could leave allergy sufferers at risk of becoming unwell by eating things they did not know were in food.

The other main reason for retrieval is when there are concerns that something harmful like plastic or bacteria may have made its way into the food.

Tesco 16 slices spicy chorizo

Tesco announced it is withdrawing 16 slices of Chorizo ​​Spicy Chorizo ​​80g because the product contains Listeria monocytosis, a type of bacteria that can lead to serious infections.

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A statement from Tesco said: “Please do not consume this product but return the affected product to the store where a full refund will be given. No receipt required. Tesco apologizes to our customers for any inconvenience that may occur. If you need more details, please contact customer service directly at Number: UK 0800505555 ROl 185074844. ‘

Affected batch: Best before Dec 19, 2020

The recalled Chorizo ​​Tesco item

Aptamil Multigrain Banana and Berry Cereal 7+ months

Nutricia announced that it is recalling Aptamil Multigrain Banana and Berry Cereal 7+ months because it may contain small bits of blue plastic.

The presence of the plastic clearly makes the product unsafe to eat – so throw it away or return it all at once.

Affected batch: Best before July 7, 2021

Twix Ice Cream Bars (Twix Ice Cream Bars)

Iceland is bringing back Twix Barres Glacees. This is because it contains milk, wheat (gluten) and soybeans that are not mentioned in English on the label.

It also may contain almonds, hazelnuts (nuts), and peanuts.

This means that the product could be harmful to someone with a range of allergies.

Get rid of it or come back right away.

Affected batch: Best before June 30, 2021

Guinness Draft 0.0%

Diageo Great Britain has taken the precautionary step of pulling a Guinness draft of 0.0% (non-alcoholic).

This is due to the possibility of mold present in products.

Destroy or return as soon as possible.

Affected Batches: Best before Aug 9, 2021, Aug 17, 2021, and Aug 24, 2021

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Potato skins loaded with plants Asda

Asda recalled a single date code for vegetable-laden potato skins because the product contained milk not mentioned on the label.

This means that the product presents a potential health risk for anyone with an allergy or intolerance to milk or its ingredients.

The product has past the “use by” date but is suitable for home freezing.

Throw in the trash or back.

Affected batch: November 12, 2020

To indicate what is cooking? Lighter For You Meatballs With Pasta And Spinach

Lidl remembers what cooking is? You lighter meatballs with pasta and spinach due to a wrong packaging.

Some packages thus labeled may contain chicken and mushroom pasta, which contain milk not mentioned on the label.

This means that the product presents a potential health risk for anyone with an allergy or intolerance to milk or its ingredients.

As a result, get rid of or come back as quickly as you can.

Affected batch: Best before Jan 5, 2022