Poland would choose “dirty organic” rather than “pure politics”, similar to Great Britain. And this will be a bigger problem for the European Union than divorce from the British, as the prestigious British weekly The Economist wrote in its latest issue.

Poles are among the greatest supporters of the European Union on the continent, so going to elections with a political slogan by any party can be compared to announcing a manifesto about thaw puppies – Writes The Economist in Charlemagne’s column justified why Poland should not leave the European Union.

However, the authors of the article do not see any benefit in this for the European community. They believe that if Poland sticks to the approach it offers today, it will break the union from within and could become a bigger problem for them than Brexit. The weekly called this membership a “dirty survival.”

“To see dirty membership in action, let’s take a look at Poland. Its Constitutional Court has challenged the European Union’s legal system in a ruling on October 7. In a case brought by the Polish prime minister, the Constitutional Court, filled with government allies, ruled that essential parts of EU law does not conflict with the Polish constitution. A ruling that was exactly what the government wanted ruled over six decades of European jurisprudence. In short, the EU’s highest court is no longer the highest, at least when it comes to Poland” – The Economist writes.

The newspaper wrote that the German court’s ruling on the overreach of the powers of the Court of Justice of the European Union, which some representatives of the Polish authorities want to compare, does not agree at all with what was issued by the Polish Constitutional Court. Verdict: The judgment of the Germans referred to one small case (buying bonds), and the Polish court to all European laws, which can be compared to “playing matches” (Germany) and “pumping gasoline and making fire” (Poland).

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In addition, according to the newspaper, apart from the judgment itself, who is judged is also important. Nobody doubts the independence of the German Constitutional Court. Nobody believes in the independence of Poland.” – She writes the newspaper.

The weekly also provides examples of how Poland’s behavior in particular could lead to the internal dissolution of the European Union in the long run.

“Dirty membership is more harmful than politics. The danger is that the EU legal system in Poland will slowly disappear – as Daniel Sarmiento of the Complutense University of Madrid believes. There will be a domino effect. If courts across the EU cannot trust their Polish colleagues, The legal system of the European Union will begin to deteriorate. An arrest warrant issued here will not be enforced. A banking license issued in one country may not be granted in another. Over time, the area in which people, goods, capital and services can move freely becomes one in which they can move but hardly” – The Economist points out.

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