I am happy that France has a stable government, and that there is a continuation of the presidency of Emmanuel Macron. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Monday that a strong France is a stronger Europe, a stable France and a stable Europe, and this is also in Poland’s interest. In response to a question about the French president’s self-deprecating speech, the head of government stressed that “there is nothing to hide discontent in politics.”

elections in France. The final results

The French Ministry of the Interior announced the final results of the second round of the presidential elections. After calculating the data from all the electoral commissions, it was learned that …

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According to official preliminary data, he has applied for re-election Emmanuel Macron won France’s presidential election with 58.55 percent. voices. His right-wing rival Marine Le Pen received 41.45 percent. voices. Moraviki congratulated Macron, on Sunday evening, on his victory on Twitter, noting that Poland and France have many challenges and common interests.

Morawiecki on Macron’s comments

On Monday, the prime minister, Polsat News, was asked if the fact that he congratulated Macron on his victory meant the verbal spat had been forgotten. – There is no verbal conflict. There is no hiding discontent in politics. “I am happy that France has a stable government, and that there is a continuation of the presidency of President Macron today,” Morawiecki said..

He added: – A strong France is a stronger Europe, a stable France and a stable Europe, and this is also in Poland’s interest.

When asked if this “right-wing anti-Semitic”, as Macron described it in an interview, was on the agenda, the prime minister said that if he were to attack anyone who “talks about things different from him, he would be half upset with the world.”

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PM calls on Tusk to resign as EPP chair

Putin congratulated Macron. Will they return to a close relationship?

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In an interview in Polsat News, Morawiecki was also asked to comment on the words of Civic Platform chief Donald Tusk, who said backing Marine Le Pen and attacking Macron showed a lack of professionalism.

I call on Mr. Donald Tusk to resign from the presidency immediately The European People’s Party, which is one of the main culprits behind the creation of Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2, the pipelines through which Russian gas flows in one direction and German and other money in the other. The prime minister answered.

“Obviously, this is the biggest scandal,” he added.

Mission: Persuading Schultz

The prime minister was also asked about Tuesday’s trip to Berlin to meet with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and whether he had an idea to persuade him to get Germany more involved in helping Ukraine, for example in the supply of arms.

– Yes, it will be one of the elements of our conversation. We will discuss the supply of arms, as well as humanitarian aid, we will maintain our confidence in the victory of Ukraine as much as possible and do everything in our power to achieve this. The prime minister said, because today we see that one of the fundamental problems in Europe is the policy of appeasement, the policy of allowing Russia to agree to do evil.

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He added that this policy was widely present in Western Europe. “Today, we are doing everything we can to shake the consciences of German and Western European politicians,” Morawiecki said.

“The year of costs or Russian families?”

Bearing in mind that the Germans, the French and the Belgians might fear the costs of such a policy, they are afraid of the costs of the oil and gas embargo, the prime minister asked what is more important:? ”

– We want to live freely. You can’t fall into such glue to get back on the beaten paths of the past, Morawiecki said.

When asked if Poland should move forward, Morawiecki replied, “We have already moved forward, meaning we have banned the import of any coal from Russia as of April 15.”

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